I found that our cars’ radios have the next track buttons on different sides: left and right. Since i use this function a lot, i came across a problem that i find very uncomfortable

Car radio example

The bad design ( for me at least) – the radio with the next function on the left hand side:


I found this very hard to use since it is quite far to reach and distracting from driving.

The good design -the radio with same button on the right bottom corner:


Much easier to use and closer to reach. Very handy compared to the other one.

Both radios have very small buttons which are hard to find and see while in motion, so i would change/improve the overall look of the front panels.


Next example: the velcro vs lace children’s shoes 

Bad design                                                               Good design


A nightmare for many busy mums are the shoelaces. It is an additional job for them as the children are not able to tie their shoes by themselves. So the velcro shoes are a 100% win here as are faster and easier to put on. Not mentioning the children, even very small ones can do this independently while mum is doing something else instead. 


17 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Hi Lilia,
    I agree about the velcro.

    But it also has it’s downside. If you have a lot of velcro items, shoes, bags, coats and a lot of felt/wool items – beware everything getting stuck together!



  2. Velcro runners! They take me back to “way back when”. My first pair of really cool runners was a black pair of Pumas with velcro fasteners. I felt like the coolest kid on the block, especially growing up in East Germany where we never meant to have such things. Thanks for bringing up that memory! 🙂

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